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Whitney Smiles

Hi, I'm Whitney

Whitney is happy to have the opportunity to share her art in her home town of Gilroy and beyond. A self-taught artist, Whitney still considers herself a fledgling painter.

A creative Arts graduate from SJSU, Whitney is at ease with the brush having taken time at home when her kids were young and had time to explore paintings: first, murals for her kids' rooms and friends, then vintage furniture for boutiques and festivals.

Painting on vintage windows is Whitney's favorite medium, and came from exploring how to reuse old architectural elements. The process involves reverse painting: starting with the details of the painting first, then the subject, then the background, all on the back of the glass. Patrons like the casual, rustic quality the paintings have and the "found art" reuse of the vintage windows.

Whitney's work can be found at many local restaurants, wineries and wine bars, and boutiques, and is a perennial favorite at the Garlic Festival.

Signed Whitney